Because The Best Memories Are Those You Create

What To Prepare Before Class


Your creativity and sense of adventure are all you need to prepare before class. 

Free to just show up and we'll handle the rest.  We have all tools and materials you will need for your class.  But if you would like to maximize your experience, we encourage you to think about what you would like to make.  If you are coming to a 3-hour class you will have enough time to make a simple ring, earring set, bracelet, pendant, or bracelet. 
Stamped Bracelets
We encourage you to browse magazines, your jewelry box, or anywhere online for some design inspirations.  The key is simplicity.  If you bring in a sketch or screenshots of some concepts you like we can help you design something achievable. 
Simple hammered ring set
ETSY is a great resource to find a million hand-made design ideas for inspiration.
Google Images is another great resource.  Type in Handmade Jewelry and see what moves you. 
Handmade Heart Ring
As time is limited, exploring designs with more advanced techniques such as stone-setting, 3-D imagery, specific engraved fonts, etc will only be possible if you book several classes